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We are the exclusive representatives of Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) in Mexico, we work together to bring tNavigator®, the next generation of reservoir simulation software, to Mexico.


tNavigator® is the first and only product on the market which dynamically combines a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface and a record breaking parallel supercomputing engine. The core algorithms are based on the latest scientific developments in the field and provide the most efficient use of modern computing platforms. As a result, tNavigator provides superior performance and unparalleled user efficiency for reservoir engineers at the corporate reservoir simulation centers and in the field.

By taking advantage of the latest computing technologies like NUMA, Hyperthreading, MPI/SMP hybrids, the performance of tNavigator® by far exceeds the performance of any industry standard dynamic simulation tools. Only by using tNavigator can users be sure to unlock the full potential of modern computing hardware.

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Tel: +52 1993 118 4311